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Join our online community and get access to lecture videos, quizzes, milestone deliverables, group webinars and discussion forums to launch your social impact startup.

Teams that validate customer interest for their social impact startup are eligible to compete for an offer to join BonBillo’s Impact Accelerator.

Key Features

Social Entrepreneurship Framework

Apply MIT's "Disciplined Entrepreneurship", Google Venture's "Sprint", "Theory of Change", HubSpot's "FlyWheel", Drift's "Conversational Marketing" frameworks and more to launch your social impact startup.

ChatBot Guide and Tools

Engage with our BonBillo Bot (powered by Drift) and receive recommendations on lecture videos, quizzes, books, blogs and milestone deliverables. Apply our platform tools to research, design, test and collaborate.


Join our community webinars and discussion forums to help you apply these tools and support you through your journey.

Mentor Feedback

Engage with mentors during group office hours. Receive written feedback from mentors on milestone deliverables.

Program Overview

Best practices, tools and mentorship to launch your social impact startup

Apply a proven social entrepreneurship framework including MIT’s “Disciplined Entrepreneurship”, Google Venture’s “Sprint”, “Theory of Change”, HubSpot’s “FlyWheel”, Drift’s “Conversational Marketing”, Village Capital’s “VIRAL” frameworks and more to launch your social impact startup. Receive expert mentorship and community support to guide you through the process.

Introduction to “Disciplined Entrepreneurship”, “Sprint” and “Theory of Change” frameworks.

Define your social impact startup’s purpose, values and culture using the “Team” canvas.

Identify your team’s strengths and determine roles / areas to fill.  Define your decision-making process.

Conduct market segmentation, primary market research, identify your beachhead market, calculate your target addressable market and develop / refine your user persona.

Apply Sprint to design and test a prototype with customers to validate key product assumptions.

Define your value proposition, core and competitive positioning.

Apply Andy Raskin’s “Strategic Storytelling” framework, refine your go-to-market strategy and design your customer acquisition process applying HubSpot’s “FlyWheel” framework and Drift’s “Conversational Marketing” framework.

Evaluate various business models to maximize value creation for your customer and align timing of value creation with your payouts. Compute your startup’s unit economics (LTV and COCA) to validate it is a sustainable in the long-term.

Introduction to “Disciplined Entrepreneurship”, “Sprint” and “Theory of Change” frameworks.

Define your social impact startup’s purpose, values and culture using the “Team” canvas.

Identify and test your key assumptions. Develop your Minimum Viable Business Product and test it with customers.

Develop a product and growth roadmap based on customer feedback and prioritization of market opportunities.

Apply Village Capital’s VIRAL framework to evaluate your startup’s stage / progress. Learn to communicate your startup’s stage, milestones and metrics to investors.

Set your Objectives and Key Results, “a management methodology that helps to ensure that the company focuses efforts on the same important issues throughout the organization” as defined by John Doerr in “Measure What Matters”. This methodology has been successfully applied by Intel, Google, Amazon, Bill Gates Foundation, LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, Adobe and Accenture.

Prepare to pitch your social impact startup via our online platform and compete for an offer to join BonBillo’s Accelerator Program with $10K in seed investment.

What participants say?

Rhea Advani,
Founder of Indriya

It’s really difficult to get so many experts together over a short period of time and learn so much from them. It was really valuable information we got with a lot of real life examples. It was great to have people tell you this is how it’s done – we’ve all been through it and there’s a way to structure it no matter where you are in the process.

Online Social Impact Incubator 2018

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