Our Story

BonBillo is a social impact incubator and accelerator for ambitious startups solving social, health and environmental problems

We offer structured programs with proven frameworks and tools across Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking and Social Impact to help entrepreneurs launch and grow social impact startups. Our lecturers, mentors and advisors help you apply these tools to make an impact. Our community supports you through your journey.

We help accelerate innovation towards the Global Goals for Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals represent a large market opportunity with a projected $12 trillion in sustainable business revenue in 2030. We help launch and grow social impact startups focused on the following key themes.

Our Key Themes

Health, Food & Wellness

Education & Jobs

Financial Inclusion & Sustainable Investing

Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Our Values

  • Integrity, transparency, trust and compassion
  • People, planet and profit thrive together
  • Find your Ikigai, “a reason for being”, to create opportunities and the world you want
  • Learn, innovate and collaborate to address big challenges
  • Solve real problems to delight customers 


Meet our global team and network of speakers, mentors and advisors with expertise in entrepreneurship, design thinking and social impact.


Meet our Impact Accelerator alumni teams contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals.



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