At BonBillo, we apply frameworks from ‘Sprint‘, authored by Jake Knapp with John Zeratsky and Braden Kowitz from Google ventures, and ‘Disciplined Entrepreneurship‘ by Bill Aulet to go from a larger goal to selecting a specific problem to solve. We follow the Sprint framework of mapping the larger problem (including the journey of key stakeholders), talking to experts, asking ‘how might we?’ questions (HMWs) and using votes through coloured sticky dots to identify interesting problem areas to focus on. Once we’ve shortlisted interesting HMWs, we then apply Disciplined Entrepreneurship’s criteria for selecting a Beachhead market to help select the specific problem to solve.  The specific area to solve should be economically attractive, accessible to your sales force, allow for competitive differentiation, allow you to offer a complete solution, allow for a strong value proposition, have strategic long-term value and be consistent with your values / interests.  We found that using this approach, the teams quickly agreed on the most attractive HMW to pursue. Here is an example of the journey map and HMW selection from the team working on a social venture to combat human trafficking (sex trafficking).