Understand Your Customer

Introduction – Trish Cotter

Overview of Disciplined Entrepreneurship – Trish Cotter

Market Segmentation – Trish Cotter

Primary Market Segmentation – Trish Cotter

Persona – Trish Cotter

Design a Solution

Components of a good test – Dan Thiffault

Buffer as an example of landing page tests – Dan Thiffault

Tests to validate solutions – Dan Thiffault

Wolfgang von Kempelen’s concierge MVP – Dan Thiffault

Groupon’s concierge MVP – Dan Thiffault

Tripadvisor’s 404 tests – what to develop next – Dan Thiffault

When should you run tests – Dan Thiffault

Surveys vs. landing page tests – Dan Thiffault

Product Design Lifecycle – Adoniram Sides

Product Design Tools – Adoniram Sides

Investors and Partners

B2B focus in Africa – Zachariah George

Startupbootcamp Africa – Zachariah George

Opportunity in Africa – Zachariah George

Venture Capital in Africa – Zachariah George

Mobicure example – Zachariah George

Early stage challenges in developing countries – Zachariah George