Boston Spring Impact Accelerator

Get $10K to Accelerate your Social Impact Startup

Join our 3-month Impact Accelerator and receive $10K in seed investment, expert mentorship, and part-time workspace at Impact Hub, CIC Boston.  Pitch to the local innovation community on Demo Day.

Key Features

Proven Entrepreneurship Framework

Apply MIT's "Disciplined Entrepreneurship", Google Venture's "Sprint", "Theory of Change", HubSpot's "FlyWheel", Drift's "Conversational Marketing" frameworks and more to grow your social impact startup.


Expert Mentors from organizations such as TechStars, Startupbootcamp, MIT's Legatum Center, BlackRock, Acumen Fund, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Accenture and E&Y provide guidance to grow your successful social impact startup.


Become conversant in Village Capital's VIRAL framework that investors use to validate a startup's stage / progress. Learn to communicate your startup's stage, milestones and metrics in your investment pitch.

Team Building, Community and Co-Working Space

Build a high-performing team with a clear purpose, complementary skills and shared values. Join our vibrant community with part-time free office space, network infrastructure and amenities at Impact Hub, CIC Boston.

Program Overview

Best practices, tools and mentorship to grow your social impact startup

Apply a proven social entrepreneurship framework including MIT’s “Disciplined Entrepreneurship”, Google Venture’s “Sprint”, “Theory of Change”, HubSpot’s “FlyWheel”, Drift’s “Conversational Marketing”, Village Capital’s “VIRAL” frameworks and more to grow your social impact startup. Receive expert mentorship and community support to guide you through the process.

Apply the “Disciplined Entrepreneurship” canvas to assess your startup’s progress and identify areas for improvement.

Understand key characteristics that lead to high performing teams.  Define your decision-making process.

Apply Village Capital’s VIRAL framework to evaluate your startup’s stage / progress.  Learn to communicate your startup’s stage, milestones and metrics to investors.

Set your Objectives and Key Results, “a management methodology that helps to ensure that the company focuses efforts on the same important issues throughout the organization” as defined by John Doerr in “Measure What Matters”.  This methodology has been successfully applied by Intel, Google, Amazon, Bill Gates Foundation, LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, Adobe and Accenture.

Review the selection of your beachhead market and target customer.

Define your social impact startup’s purpose, values and culture using the “Team” canvas.  Understand your team’s strengths and identify any gaps you’d like to fill.

Apply Sprint to design and test a prototype with customers to validate key product assumptions.  Develop a product plan based on feedback received.

Refine your value proposition, core and competitive positioning.

Refine your go-to-market strategy and design your customer acquisition process applying HubSpot’s “FlyWheel” framework and Drift’s “Conversational Marketing” framework.

Evaluate various business models to maximize value creation for your customer and align timing of value creation with your payouts.  Compute your startup’s unit economics (LTV and COCA) to validate it is a sustainable in the long-term.

Develop your Theory of Change with clear impact metrics to communicate your social impact with all stakeholders.

Apply Andy Raskin’s “Strategic Storytelling” framework to develop your strategic narrative.  Prepare to pitch your social impact startup to the local innovation community on Demo Day.

Develop a fundraising strategy and identify best-fit funding sources.  Learn about crowdfunding options available.

Pitch to the local innovation community in Boston.  Launch a crowdfunding campaign (optional).

What participants say?

Dan Wexler, Co-Founder of EatWell Meal Kits

The BonBillo Impact Accelerator experience has been incredibly valuable, equipping us with excellent frameworks and tools to be a high-growth, high-impact startup, as well as offering high-quality mentorship.

Boston Spring Impact Accelerator 2019
Kevin Hall, Co-Founder of EatWell Meal Kits

The support of the BonBillo team has been instrumental in the traction generated by our startup: our acceptance into MassChallenge, deployment of a crowdfunding campaign, and 11 partnership agreements with community organizations for product pilots!

Boston Spring Impact Accelerator 2019
Azra Fredericks, Business Manager at LULA

My experience at BonBillo has led to professional and personal growth and skills development.The program was fantastic in 3 key areas: mentorship, resources and topics. The Bonbillo team is incredible. They are so willing to guide, share knowledge and help you reach your personal and professional milestones. The one on one mentorship hours each week will be missed because of the time and effort given during those sessions.

Boston Spring Impact Accelerator 2019
Kyle Kornack, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Green Gas

I've been truly grateful for the BonBillo accelerator because its curriculum and mentors equipped me with a set of game-changing tools- Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Hubspot's Flywheel, Google's Sprint, and more - that eliminate much of the guesswork from entrepreneurship. Of course, no new concept learned is valuable unless it's integrated and applied to your specific business- to this, the Bonbillo team was terrific at helping us apply concepts.

Boston Spring Impact Accelerator 2019
David Cooch, Co-Founder and Operations Director at Green Gas

The real value of the program is for entrepreneurs to fast track their professional development and company's progress. Suraj, Rachel, and Julia are all very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with, and their experience covers a wide breadth of facets of running a company. They bring in expert speakers to compliment the program work. I spent many hours in mentor sessions with Suraj where we made fantastic progress and I felt myself taking massive steps forward in my understanding of entrepreneurship.

Boston Spring Impact Accelerator 2019

Equity Offer

We make an offer to take an equity stake in your social impact startup (typically 3-7% equity) in exchange for the investment and accelerator program.  Individual offers are made based on several factors including your startup’s stage of progress.

Equity Back Guarantee

In order to reduce risk for entrepreneurs, we offer an equity back guarantee subject to certain limitations.  Teams may repurchase their equity stake at the purchase price within 3 days after the end of the Accelerator program if they deem that the program has not provided value to their company.

Who is the program for?

Social impact startups that have already gotten customer validation and are refining their product, customer acquisition strategy, business model and investment pitch.

Other Programs

Social Entrepreneurship Platform

Launch your startup at your own pace.  Join our community using online lectures, quizzes, milestone deliverables and feedback, group webinars, discussion forum and tools to research, design, build, test and collaborate on their social impact startups.

Social Impact Incubator Bootcamps

Validate your startup idea in a few weeks.  Receive 1-1 mentorship from BonBillo mentors and advisors along with our Social Entrepreneurship Platform.